Food & Drink

The name of the game is comfort.

From the kitchen, we’ll hit your palate with plate after plate of American favorites, each designed to hearken to a comfortable, familiar place in your personal culinary history. Whether it’s our take on the diner-staple Patty Melt with our own blend of Pat LaFrieda beef or our Shrimp and Grits that would leave your southern belle of an aunt speechless, we’ve got a little something for anyone and can promise to leave you safely within your happy place.

While you’re there, make sure you grab a drink. Our cocktails are uniquely our own, designed by bar manager Al Sotack to present options for every taste. From the lightly sweet and tart through the dark and brooding and deliciously bitter, we’ll have your poison. If you prefer your liquor as just that, ask advice of the wall of bourbon that is our bar, but be warned: it only says nice things. For those who prefer their beverages fermented but not distilled, our beer list is vast, highlighting the best of the American craft brewing scene right now. And let’s not sleep on our wines, people. Terroir is our favorite word, and it’s the study of the terroir of grapes worldwide that lets us find the coolest, newest wines out there. You can leave the dusty Beaujolais at home. We’ve got our eyes on the young Australian Shiraz in the corner…