What do you do after you have successfully opened up a Cocktail bar in Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia and gained local, regional and national recognition for that establishment?
   That is the exact question the founders of the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company asked themselves in early 2011. After tinkering with a couple of ideas, they decided on a Neighborhood Tavern concept, and the emerging neighborhood of Fairmount would be the perfect place for such an establishment.
   Fast-forward to December 26th, 2011 and Lemon Hill opened up its doors on the intersection of 25th and Aspen Streets, in the heart of Fairmount.
   Lemon Hill has since learned to walk the walk, offering fine food skillfully prepared by Chef Adam Zensinger to go along with expertly crafted drinks to any and all comers within hiking distance of Fairmount attractions like the Art Museum and the eatery’s own historic namesake, Lemon Hill Mansion.